Order Policy

Open Space Gift Shop & Creative Studio (Open Space, LLC) operates a brick and mortar store front in addition to our online store. Most of our items are "one off" as they are primarily handmade by local vendors. In the event that an item is ordered online and it is in the possesion of an in store shopper, priority will go to the in store shopper and the online order may be cancelled and refunded.

If we are able to get the item ordered from the vendor (maker) in a timely manner that will keep us within a 7 business day turn around time, the order will not be refunded and will be fulfilled once we receive the item in store.

This policy also applies to multiple items. See example below.

Example: If an online order is placed for two (or more) of the same item and there is only two in stock and an in store shopper is in possesion of one of the items, the online order will be filled with one of the items and the second will be cancelled and refunded.

Orders are pulled from the salesfloor as soon as they are received.

Open Space, LLC reserves the right to edit this policy at any time.