Memory Items

Memory Bears, Pillows & Necklaces

Our vendor, The Two Crafty Ladies, can make memory items that will be cherished forever using a loved ones' clothing item(s).

What can be created?

  • Memory Pillows (variety of sizes & shapes)
  • Memory Bears (articulated fully, solid, or patchworks)
  • Memory Dogs
  • Memory Quilts
  • Memory Necklaces

Memory Pillows

The perfect keepsake for your living room or bedroom.

Memory Bears

The perfect huggable keepsake!

Memory Dogs

A great huggable keepsake, especially for the dog lovers!

The ordering process:

Stop into the shop to discuss the options and go over a price estimate. We will then take your clothes along with an estimate form and send along to the Two Crafty Ladies. Once they receive and review the clothing items and estimate form, they will establish a final price and relay that information to you. Your item(s) will then be made and returned to the shop for you to pick up. 

All orders are subject to a 50% deposit of the estimated* price at time of order. 

*price may fluctuate during the making process and you should be prepared for a possible increase by 10% at time of order

Customizations to memory items can be discussed via email.