Updates for In Store Rewards and Gift Cards

As we launch a new website for our shop, there are some changes being made to Gift Cards purchased in store as well as the Rewards Program. The changes are as follows:

Rewards may now only be earned and used for in store purchases. The details of the program have not changed. Earnings are still 1 point for every $20.00 spent, just now they are in store only rewards.

Gift Cards purchased in store may now only be used in store. The same goes for Gift Cards purchased online, they will only be able to be used online. We hope to be able to have gift cards be used in store and online sometime again in the future but at this time we are not. However you purchase the gift card, is where it has to be used. 

If you purchased or received a gift card before 1/18/23 and would like to purchase a ticket to a workshop with it, you may call the store and we can process the gift card over the telephone for your purchase. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.