Rewards Program and Gift Cards

We have launched a new point of sale checkout system that now aligns with our website. That means there are some changes to our rewards program and gift cards! The changes are as follows: 

Rewards can now be earn for in-store purchases and online. The details for the program have changed, there are more ways to earn and redeem. 

An email address is required, you are able to opt out of marketing emails from us. If you do not have an email, let us know we may be able to help! 

Ways to earn:

  • Spend in store or online: 2 points for every $1
  • Create an online account: 100 points*
  • Celebrate a birthday: 200 points*
  • Follow on Facebook or Instagram: 50 points (each)*
*an online account is required for these methods

Ways to redeem:

  • $1 off: 40 points
  • 10% off: 90 points
  • $5 off: 150 points
  • 15% off: 220 points

All ways to redeem are available in store and online

Gift Cards, whether purchased in store or online, may not be used both in store or online. If you purchased or received a gift card prior to 8/22/23, please let us know and we can either reissue the gift card or let you know the best course of action. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.